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Rellorus Nova 1

Electric Heated Blanket

Even Heat Distribution Tech
Auto-Off Protection
10 Heating Levels
Ultra Soft Flannel
Machine Washable
Hand Controller

Even-Heat Distribution Tech

Our electric blanket has 10 heating levels (68°F-122°F). Rellorus heated blanket adopts fast and even heating tech which can help you against cold evenings and warm you up in a very short time.

  • If I do not want the button beeps, how can I set it in mute mode?
    Just press and hold the mute mode button on the panel for about 2 seconds till you can hear two beeps. Then the button beep is closed.
  • The size is way smaller than I thought. Is it enough for one large bedroom?
    Yes, it fits room up to 270 sq.ft.
  • Will this electric heater turn off and on again as it obtains or goes below the set temperature?
    Yes. It does. This is a cost-effective way to save energy.
  • How to set the timer?
    Turn the unit on, then press Timer button on the heater or remote control to set your desired hours. When time is up, the unit will automatically stop running.
  • Will the space heater adjust the heating power itself?
    Yes. If ECO mode is selected, it automatically adjusts the heating power to keep the room at a constant temperature.
  • Can it be taken apart to clean it?
    The base arrives detached. The heater itself cannot be taken apart. It’s easy to clean the back though. And you can use air duster for the front when you need to. This heater got us through winter with two cleanings


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